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The Klap­per­feld

At the Klap­per­feld, the vio­lent expe­ri­ences of depor­ta­tion and detention become tan­gi­ble. The history of the pri­son, from its con­struc­tion at the end of the 19th cen­tury to its end of use as such in 2002, is also made tan­gi­ble. Since 2009, the Klap­per­feld has been a self-orga­nised cul­tu­ral centre. Among other things, the initia­tive »Fai­tes votre jeu!« works on the history as well as its signi­fi­cance for the pre­sent. It also enab­les access to this place for a broad public through exhi­bi­ti­ons. Kathy from the »Arbeits­kreis 2. Stock im Klap­per­feld« gives an insight into the con­tra­dic­tions and simul­tan­ei­ties of the place: 


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 Doro and Thors­ten from »com­mu­nity for all« refer to cur­rent Ger­man depor­ta­tion policy, which mani­fests its­elf for example in the depor­ta­tion detention centre in Darm­stadt: What does detention do to those affec­ted? What cri­ti­cism and room for mano­eu­vre are there 


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The history of the Klap­per­feld  

The Klap­per­feld police pri­son was built in 1886. Since then, many dif­fe­rent pha­ses of use can be iden­ti­fied. From the 1980s until the buil­ding was clo­sed in 2002, depor­ta­tion pri­so­ners were detai­ned here. Since 2009, the Klap­per­feld has been home to the initia­tive »Fai­tes votre jeu!«, which has taken on the his­to­ri­cal-poli­ti­cal exami­na­tion of the buil­ding. The rooms are self-mana­ged and used non-com­mer­cially for cri­ti­cal, poli­ti­cal, artis­tic and cul­tu­ral work. The exhi­bi­tion »Out of here – Inscrip­ti­ons of people in police cus­tody and immi­gra­tion detention in Klap­per­feld pri­son – 1955–2002 approa­ches the use of the pri­son in the last deca­des before its clo­sure. The nume­rous inscrip­ti­ons tell the sto­ries of the detai­nees and make clear how important it is to remem­ber and come to terms with such a place in the heart of Frankfurt. 

Depor­ta­tion detention today  

What belongs to the past in Klap­per­feld is still a rea­lity in other pla­ces in Hesse: detention pen­ding depor­ta­tion still exists. As an admi­nis­tra­tive mea­sure, it is not orde­red because of a cri­mi­nal offence, but ser­ves solely to secure or pre­pare the depor­ta­tion of so-cal­led »for­eig­ners who are obli­ged to leave the coun­try«. Because the Euro­pean Court of Jus­tice has pro­hi­bi­ted the use of detention pen­ding depor­ta­tion in pri­sons since 2014, several detention cen­tres for depor­tees have been ope­ned at the level of the Län­der. The detention centre for depor­ta­tion (AHE) Darm­stadt-Eber­stadt has been in ope­ra­tion since March 2018 and was expan­ded at the end of 2020.

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The Sta­ti­ons

The Klap­per­feld

Depor­ta­tion pri­sons and the resis­tance against them


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The Bahn­hofs­vier­tel

Important hub for migrant life


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